Sheep at Parkfoot!

Lindsay had quite a surprise when she came back to Parkfoot on her day off last week…..there was a flock of sheep outside her office!!! Not what you would expect……... Read More

Walks & Wildlife magazine

If you’ve seen April’s edition of Lancashire Walks and Wildlife , you may have spotted a walk from Burton in Lonsdale, which can also be started from here at  Parkfoo... Read More

Spring Sale at Parkfoot !!

All our new holiday homes have been reduced in price – we’re looking to sell them to make way for new stock which will be arriving soon! Click on http://www.parkfoot.c... Read More

Star gazing at Parkfoot

Being well away from major towns and their light pollution, Parkfoot offers you an wonderful view of the night skies (weather permitting of course!). The photo attached was taken b... Read More

Wild flowers at Parkfoot

We’ve always known that we had lots of different wild flowers here at Parkfoot (we have so many different habitats: riverside, meadow , woodland etc..) but to the best of ou... Read More