Osprey Chicks at Foulshaw Moss

Update on the Ospreys  (12th June 2015):

If you’ve been following the blog on the Cumbria WT website you’ll be aware that all three osprey eggs hatched, Why not take a look at the three chicks here? Osprey feeding chicksIt’s great to see the parent birds doing a great job bringing fish in and protecting them. They’re hopeful all three chicks are healthy and that they will fledge later this year.


Great news from Cumbria Wildlife Trust this morning (1st June 2015):

Hello – I have great news to share with you! Yesterday, one of the osprey chicks hatched. This morning, a second has hatched and the two chicks were being fed by both parents not long ago.

You may have already seen on the webcam – but if not I hope you enjoy this beautiful sight on the osprey -cam.  As I type Mum (I think) is sitting tight keeping her new chicks warm.

Happy viewing!