Wild flowers at Parkfoot

We’ve always known that we had lots of different wild flowers here at Parkfoot (we have so many different habitats: riverside, meadow , woodland etc..) but to the best of our knowledge no-one has ever carried out an ‘audit’ of the different species so on 4th August we set out to start just that.

Wildflowers - Field Bindweed, Ragwort and Cranesbill compressed

Field Bindweed, Ragwort & Meadow Cranesbill



We listed 29 different plants which were in flower.  There were lots of butterflies (mainly Large White)   and we saw three 7-spot ladybirds on Hogweed near the river.


Thanks to Heather and Thomas Hawkey for their expert assistance for this project.

7 -spot ladybird on Hogweed leaf 2 compressed

7-spot ladybird on Hogweed leaf